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vintage photographs
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the-sad-in-my-eyes: I'm reading the trilogy of the hunt, what kind of book do you like? :) Ps i have an exam on 27 of august :(

I’ve never heard of that! I read anything that looks good. I’m reading Breakfast at Tiffany’s at the moment as well as The 100. I love books like divergent as well.
Aw no that’s rubbish:-(! Good luck! What’s the test for? I get my exam results later today arghhhhh

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if internet explorer is brave enough to ask you to be your default browser then you’re brave enough to ask that girl out

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everybody gets laid but the only thing I get is body fat

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the-sad-in-my-eyes: What's this gcse? I'm reading a book, and you? However yes there is summer here but it's always raining or cloudy and there?:)

It’s the exams taken here at the end of high school!
Iove reading! What’s your book about?

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From Paris,France to Switzerland,Zurich. 
We were there for less than a day but it vastly became one of my favourite places and I will be sure to be going back soon. 
The hotel was so posh; it had a pillow menu. (at 🎶City And Colour // Faithless)
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